New Transit Van for Yerrell Flooring of Chesham Bucks.

We have signwritten all of Matt Yerrells vans in the past and he his always keen that all of his companies fleet look inline so that they have become instantly recognisable as they are driven around the locality.The livery against the distinctive red bacground is simple yet bold.

Matt is well aware of the worth of putting his business name on the sides of all the vans."Its fantastic value advertising that works 365 days a year raising the profile of our flooring business no doubt about it."

This time however Matt wanted to use the rear of his van to promote his service of supplying and installing high quality wood flooring. We liased with Matt and sourced images from his preferred supplier. The real wood floor image illustrated was approved, then digitally printed and gloss laminated inhouse before application was undertaken to cover the whole of the rear doors in the vinyl print. If you are following this van you are made fully aware that Matts years of experience extends Wood as well as carpet and tiled flooring.