We have provided an on site vehicle livery supply and application for the fleet of vans for Morrells wood finishing for many years. This July however they asked for a revamp of the livery and could we come up with some ideas. Several design idea visuals were put forward, but the design chosen here and implemented is a complete MATT BLACK WRAP. The whole van has had matt black vinyl applied with all lettering also in matt finish. The coat of arms 'by royal appointment' is a matt finish screen print. We have kept a gloss finish on the printed graphic on the rear doors as a contrast. If you look very closer at the photo on the rear doors you might just see some expert photoshop rendering on the face of the spraygun. The wordmark "Morrells" and 'Signature 2' appear to be etched into the metal face of the gun but in reality they are not on the actual spraygun, a nice touch our client loved!