We found this particular project very challemging but also when complete one to be very proud of and worth going the extra mile for.

The owner, insistant that he came over to speak to us, was also a man that thought he had a very fixed idea in his mind of how the mage should look on his truck. Alan took on board his thoughts and presented him with some concepts based on that directionThe Artsigns difference is that we also came up with alternative ideas for how we think  the design should look. We offered a new logotype idea and abstract graphic that would convey a more contemporary appeal and quality feel to it. We felt this perfectly relflected the professional and outstanding work that Midas Touch Landscapes carries out

Once again to keep the vehicles downtime to a minimum all graphics were prepared in advance and vehicle was only at our site for one day for graphic application. We're good!

Immediately upon seeing the finished pick up truck, the owner stated how pleased he was and how glad he went with our design. We went on to supply  Midas Touch Landscapes with site signs and Artwork which is being used as their new brand indentity and on the new website. We have had very positive feedback from the owner about all the complimentary comments he has had about how good the vans look!

Contented 'first timers' with us prove to us that an aesthetically pleasing design can enhance and change a business all for the better we wish them further success.