These photos show the new HILL corporate livery wrap applied to a fleet of 9 vehicles. We had previously semi 'wrapped' the vans last year and therefore we had to remove almost all of the 'old' livery before applying new. This entailed power washing each van first then bringing each van inside the warm workshop where a team removed the vinyl before cleaning vehicle again with 'prep' chemicals to ensure good adhesion of the new vinyl. 

The white vans were then 'wrapped' in grey and orange 'Avery Supreme vinyl. All text is in white and orange cut vinyl. Once complete they represent a new and very smart corporate identity which is instantly regognisable on the road. Because these vans are 'wrapped' in vinyl (and not painted) they were ready to be put to work immediately. When it comes time for trade in the vinyl can be cleanly removed to reveal white bodywork beneath, therefore increasing re-sale value.