Having already applied livery to a fleet of vans for Fantistic Fireworks, we were approached by Jon Culverhouse their Managing Director to come up with some promotional advertising graphics for the new company 'pool' car which was going to be a Kia Sportage.

Altough the car hadnt arrived yet we explianed to Jon that we can show him accurate visuals of how the car will look in advance of delivery. We have drawing templates of the vast majority of new model cars as well as vans. After an initial discussion on 'skype' we presented him with 3 variants on design layout and a final layout was agreed upon.

Jon could leave all the rest to us content in the knowledge that he knew in advance of seeing the actual car that the graphics would be to his satisfaction. 

All graphics were then prepared in advance of receiving the car at our premises. Because we have a totallty secure site we confidently advised Jon that the car could come direct to us on a transporter from the dealer without him being involved.  So car arrives in the January 2013 snow on a Monday afternoon and Tuesday afternoon we send photos of the finished car to Jon by email.

Now Jon did ask one final little request, can we do something with the cars badges, can we have their company logo on there instead of 'KIA'? Well of course in the answer, if you look closer at the front and rear views you'll see for yourself, now isn't that cool!