A custom made sign for sign of house in Woburn Village

We have supplied signs to the Woburn Estate for many years and this symbol can also be seen on signage at 'The Inn at Woburn' hotel. This 'sign' is placed high level on the gable elevation of a inposing house in Woburn Villlage. We were delighted and honoured to receive a commission for this prestigeous 'house' sign for...lets just call her Lady 'T'. After speaking directly with the client at her home Alan suggested taking elements from the family coat of arms to create a suitable sign and suggested that it would look very impressive in full signlight if the carving was to be Gilded.

  After approval of the design, Alan hand carved the whole sign from 60mm thick High Density Urethane. The 'goat' and scroll below are covered in 23 carat gold leaf. The motto is covered in matt swirled gold to give contrast.