A custom designed sign for the new The Barn Restaurant St Albans

The proporietor of this newly opened restaurant Grant Langley, telephoned us in late 2012 to ask if we could come up with a nice sign for a new venture of his. We had previously supplied other signs for him which were all hand painted on a wooden substrate with a frame.  He wanted something unique that had that certain custom designed and hand painted traditionally made look and knew he could come to us for just what he wanted.

As you can see we provided a full design visual showing how the Sign will look in situ. The owl is hand drawn in coloured pencil from a stock photograph then has further enhancements applied in photoshop. All lettering and scrollwork are created from hand drawn originals.

We would love to have created this sign in three dimensions, but alas the budget wasn't there. Al;tough the sign looks all hand panted and set on wood planks to emulate the barn building is in reality a digital print with a pvc moulded frame! We also converted the artwork design so Grant could utilise it within the menu and web design.