December 12, 2012 at 12:13 PM

With care and thought a respectful appreciation of hand letter styles, combined with design skills and manufacturing craftmanship. That sums up the ingredients that will make a sign that extra bit special, custom, bespoke and one thats just right for your business. There is no doubt that 'old school' hand painted signs hold a place in our affections. We Look back at these signs as a resource for inspiration and incorporate these lovely hand lettered typestyles and scrollwork. The attention to aesthetically pleasing layouts is the way we provide our customers with a sign that looks 'just right'. A sign that matches its location and environment. However it maybe that altough its 'the look' we want to acheive we also want to provide our clients with the best possible value for money and very long sign life expectancy.  This means using up to date materials and processes.Artsigns have produced signs that have all these warm and pleasing qualities. You will see them and swear they are 'hand painted' and must be 'made of wood'.

  The photo above illustrates just such a sign. We recently designed and made this for a restaurant based in an old timber 'barn' in St Albans, Herts. Our client asked for a hand painted sign, but upon consultation admitted that what he really wanted was one that would look just right and in keeping with the building, Red helvetica vinyl letters on plastic is just so wrong!

Alan at Artsigns painted pubsigns for years and therefore 'knows his stuff' so he set out producing a layout that was originally sketched up with pencil on paper right infront of the client.The whole finished design was however completely completely using graphic design software, adobe illustrator and photoshop.

What we have acheived is a sign that incorporates actual hand lettered 'signwritten' typefaces, coupled with nineteenth century scrollwork. The owl is a stock photograph that has been made to look just like a watercoloured painting. Even the background of overlapping timber planks that look just like the one on the barn, are in face taken from a photo of the barn side. When the design was complete it was printed and matt laminated and applied to the subtrate. This is not thick and heavy plywood but 4mm thick 'composite aluminium. The frame which appears to be wood 'ogee' shaped architrave is in reality self coloured pvc moulding. The sign is glued with acrylic resiin adhesives. It is in place on site with no visible fixings or screws.

The client is very pleased, he has received exactly what he desired, a bespoke and original and eyecatching sign. All within a modest budget and one that will last many years. The artwork design is also provided for promotional stationery and website. A result! as they say.




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