James Deacon

What do you do at Artsigns

I specialise in the 'wrapping' of clients vans or cars, that is where we apply a printed graphic image that covers all or most of the vehicles bodywork. This is a great way of treating the whole vehicle as a very eyecathing mobile advertising canvass! I am also probably one of the most experienced people in the country in applying large format vinyl to vehicles. We also carry out a lot of car 'colour change' here. This is the application of single coloured vinyl of various effects such as matt finish, carbon fibre or pearlescent finish to change the appearance of the car's bodywork instead of using paint.


How did you get into this

I've worked with Artsigns for a long time and have gained experience in all disciplines of signmaking. About 15 years ago I became one of the first innovators of vehicle wrapping and now also lecture others on the technique. It is interesting and gives great satisfaction to 'tranform' a vehicles appearance in a relatively short time.

What do you do in your spare time

I have a young family and enjoy spending time with my young son. We are also working on our old house renovation. During any other time I am working on restoring a classic 1970's Toyota Celica, my pride and joy!