Alan Taylor

What do you do at Artsigns?

You could ask what don't I do? I am the owner and founder. I'm the creative guy who makes things happen. The one whose always working at something. Seriously though I love it, every day is different with a new challenge and its enjoyable coming up with something for a new client. Its that feeling of starting each day 'with a fresh piece of paper'. My day is spent in general by maybe talking to new clients and working up designs for their approval.I also greatly enjoy the 'hands on' process and its good to have gained approval of a van livery design one day and be involved with printing and cutting the graphics then applying them to the vehicle the very next day. To witness the 'beam of delight' from the satisfied customer when they pick up their van makes all the hard work worthwhile.


How did you get into this?

Altough my formal training was as an engineering draughtsman my interest has always been in the creative arts. I used to hand paint signs for people I knew and would also undertake portrait commissions, even of their pet dog or horse! Then one day whilst out walking the Wolfhound I looked up at a pub sign and thought 'I could do one of those, and get paid for it'. I soon got the opportunity to paint some for 'Freehouses'  before landing a contract with a local brewery. That was it for me, I handed in my notice and went for it and have never looked back. I've developed a passion for what I do, I prefer the description 'craft' not 'industry'. When I see one of my signs or a van goes past and the driver waves an acknowledgment, I say to myself 'I did that and I'm damn proud of it'

What do you do when your not designing van graphics or carving that 3d sign?


I enjoy getting away from it all in our camper van with my partner 'Jan'. Also, when I get permission, I just love riding my off road motorbikes. You just cannot beat getting plastered in mud on an all day trail riding session on my beloved KTM. You'll also find me competing in local 'trials' on a fairly late model Montesa bike, but my dream is to one day acquire a classic 'twin shock trials' model. though maybe thats' an inkling of my more mature years!